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The Sims 2 – Pets

Unlock beelow:

  • Bandit Mask Cats
  • Bandit Mask Dogs
  • Black Dot Cats
  • Black Dot Dogs
  • Black Smiley Cats
  • Black Smiley Dogs
  • Blue Bones Cats
  • Blue Bones Dogs
  • Blue Camouflage Cats
  • Blue Camouflage Dogs
  • Blue Cats
  • Blue Dogs
  • Blue Star Cats
  • Blue Star Dogs
  • Deep Red Cats
  • Deep Red Dogs
  • Goofy Cats
  • Goofy Dogs Read the rest of this entry

The Sims 2

Submitted by: Bianca Celliers

Cheat Gnome
L1 R1 Up X R2

Max motives
Up circle Up Right L2

R2 Square Up Down Right X

Square R2 Down Right Square

All objects
L2 Circle Down Left Up

All lots
Circle L2 Left Circle Up Circle

R1 L1 R2 Right Left

Triangle Circle Square R2 Left

The Sims – Cheat path 7

Full cheat path 7 of The Sims:

  1. The Sims Mega Deluxe
  2. The Sims Mega Deluxe Edition
  3. The Sims Online
  4. The Sims Pet Stories

Download full cheat path 7 of The Sims click here…

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